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Teeth are one of the first things people notice about others.  Teeth can indicate social status, hygiene habits or health conditions.  Big, white smiles are usually associated with wealth and health.  However, teeth can even expose our age, gender and our personality.  The physiology of our teeth reveals our “dental identity.”

While the central incisors of young people have rounded corners, the same teeth are rather square and short in older persons.  Women’s lateral incisors are rounded at the end and a little shorter than the central incisors, whereas men’s lateral incisors are longer and squarer.  Depending on their shape, your canines can tell somebody whether you have an aggressive, passive or pushover personality.

Teeth also tell others our habits.  Perpetual teeth grinding is usually a symptom of feelings of stress, anxiety or anger.  It can also be an indicator of a very aggressive or competitive personality.  Stress-inducing habits like excessive smoking, caffeine intake and alcohol consumption can intensify teeth grinding.  Chronic teeth grinding can lead to fracturing, loosening or even loss of teeth.  Other complications include headaches, jaw pain, hearing loss and other disorders.

Our perceived attractiveness is often rated by the whiteness of our teeth.  Bright, white teeth make us look more successful, more employable, more appealing and up to five years younger.  If you want to prevent yellow, stained teeth avoid foods like coffee; wine; tea; cola; candy and berries.

Do other’s teeth make an impact on you?  What do your teeth say to others?  Maybe it is time to talk to Dr. Halsema about giving your teeth boost with a cleaning and whitening.