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Energy drinks are both all the rage among young people, and it some circles they are causing concern and debate about their potential health hazards.

With all positive and negative points aside, energy drinks can have a harmful affect on your teeth with excessive exposure.

To speak simply, regular routine care of your teeth includes taking a step beyond simple brushing, flossing and rinsing.  Routine care also involves paying attention to what may be coming in contact with your teeth in the first place. We all know it is a good idea to brush after meals, and it is definitely a smart move to brush or at least swish with water after drinking a sugary soda. Many people fail to realize just how much sugar is lurking in those energy drinks.

You would never slurp down a can or two of soda and think you weren’t essentially bathing your teeth in sugar — everyone knows carbonated beverages taste great, but can impact the health of enamel on your teeth. And you certainly would never eat sugar by the spoonful without then brushing it off those pearly whites, right? Well then think about this little statistic: an average energy drink contains around 50 grams of sugar. That is just about the equivalent of FOURTEEN SPOONFULS of PURE SUGAR!

So if energy drinks are a part of your daily routine, make sure you take the routine care of your teeth up a notch. It is imperative that you at least swish with water after finishing off an energy drink, and make sure to brush as soon as you can. There is nothing at all wrong with enjoying these types of beverages from time to time, but you have to know that your teeth might not be enjoying them quite as much as your tongue!