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If you are experiencing sensitivity of your teeth, here are four simple tips to eliminate discomfort and experience your favorite foods once again.

1. Use toothpaste that is made for sensitive teeth.  Toothpaste for sensitive teeth is going to have the ability to mitigate sensitivities related to cold or hot water and how the nerves surrounding your teeth react.

2.  Visit your dental care provider for a fluoride treatment. Fluoride will help to make your teeth stronger and improve the level of sensitivity you might be experiencing.  This is not a complete fix for everyone experience teeth sensitivity; however, a conversation and visit with your dentist can identify which approach is best for you.

3. Identify if a special enamel coating on your teeth is necessary.  This coating, when applied, is able to cover the grooves, cracks or spaces that might be causing sensitivity in your teeth.  If you dentist recommends an enamel coating, this might be one approach to enjoy certain foods and drinks with ease.

4. Always practice proper dental hygiene.  This is the best way that you are going to be able to reduce the chances of having any sensitive teeth.  Even if you have existing sensitivity, you can find ways to maintain or treat it so that it does not become any worse. Routine dental hygiene keeps your teeth in their healthiest form, which eliminates causes of discomfort like teeth sensitivity.