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Smile Healthy

Having a bright, white, healthy smile is incredibly important. Not only does a healthy smile make a first great impression, it is also a sign of overall health. Many people do not realize that dental problems can be the first signs of overall health problems. That sore tooth could lead to heart problems. It is not an overstatement of fact to say that routine care is of utmost importance. So how does a healthy smile come into play?

Simple Steps
The first step in having a healthy smile and a healthy body is routine maintenance. Brushing the teeth three times a day is ideal but twice a day is what most adults actually manage. That third brushing is important though. It helps prevent plaque and bacteria from accumulating in the mouth which can lead to bad breath, gingivitis and tooth decay. The proper technique for brushing is a simple up and down motion with a soft bristled toothbrush and appropriate toothpaste. It is advised that if that third brushing is not possible…at least keep dentist approved gum or mouthwash to rinse out the mouth after eating.

Another important step is to floss daily. Some people have problems winding the floss between their fingers and simply give up on flossing as it is too time consuming. Do not be this person. Dental floss picks are readily available in grocery stores and online. They require one hand and are very simple to use. One tip: floss before brushing. The reason is because flossing removes particles of food from between the teeth.

Beyond Daily Care
Routine care does not stop with simple flossing and brushing. It also extends into diet. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, but low in sweets can do wonders for the teeth and the body. Limiting sweet drinks is something that everyone can do to extend the live of their teeth. Another absolute must: visit the dentist for routine checkups. The dentist is the frontline in the battle for a healthy mouth. He or she can advise you on proper techniques, brushes, floss and even overall healthcare. For more information visit www.ada.org.